Attracting Butterflies

with Florida’s Native Wildflowers

Landscaping with Florida’s native wildflowers and plants provides refuge for birds, bees and butterflies while creating “habitat highways” through urban settings.

Florida butterflies use a variety of wildflowers, shrubs and trees as host plants. And they need an abundance of nectar for food throughout their life span. Planting Florida native wildflowers will attract butterflies and add seasonal beauty to your garden!

Florida’s butterfly population is imperiled due to loss of native habitat and host plants that are imperative to complete the metamorphosis from egg to larvae to adult butterfly. We can all aid conservation efforts by planting wildflowers that provide nectar, pollen and larval food for our native butterflies and moths.

Follow these simple steps to establish a Florida native butterfly garden:

  • Choose a site that receives 4 or more hours of full sun to partial shade.
  • Plant 3 or more of each flower species for visual impact.
  • Plant flowers of varying heights and flower size and that bloom from March through November
  • Water to establish.
  • Do not use fertilizer and never spray pesticides.
  • Where possible, leave plant debris that may contain eggs or chrysalises.

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Great Southern white on Tall ironweed, Vernonia gigantea
Great Southern white on Tall ironweed (Vernonia gigantea) by Peg Urban

Great wildflowers for butterflies

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