Planting and Conservation

Planting grants

Planting grants supply resources that give wildflowers a dynamic presence in public places, at schools and along roadways. They provide hands-on experiences for adults and children while beautifying communities and parks, and creating an awareness of Florida’s natural landscape.
Viva Florida native plant garden at Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation
Viva Florida native plant garden at Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation
Viva Florida Demonstration Gardens

Viva Florida Landscape Demonstration grants bring native beauty to parks, nature centers and other public spaces. These grants provide funds with which to purchase Florida native wildflowers and plants for public projects that showcase the beauty of Florida natives while demonstrating their uses. 

Wildflower garden at Sea Park Elementary
Seedlings for Schools planting at Sea Park Elementary
Seedlings for Schools

Wildflowers and classroom resources for Florida schools are provided through this program. Grants include 30 native wildflower plants, classroom resources and professional guidance on garden establishment.

Protecting roadsides

Roadsides give many native plant species what they need to thrive: sun and open spaces. With carefully timed mowing and care, roadsides can produce beauty and biodiversity while creating a sense of place unique to La Florida, land of flowers. The Florida Wildflower Foundation works statewide to increase the presence of native wildflowers along roadways.

Lyreleaf sage roadside
Lyreleaf sage (Salvia lyrata) on a Panhandle roadside. Photo by Jeff Norcini

Regional Alliances

Regional Wildflower Alliances are active networks of wildflower enthusiasts that protect native wildflowers. Through communication, collaboration and information sharing, members support and inspire each other as they create knowledge and awareness of native wildflowers and their value to Florida’s environmental and economic health.

Roadside patch of Chapman's fringed orchid, Platanthera chapmanii
A roadside patch of Chapman’s fringed orchid (Platanthera chapmanii)
Photo by Stacey Matrazzo
Bumble bee on Coastalplain chaffhead (Carphephorus corymbosus). Photo by Emily Bell

Bee City Gainesville

We are working with the City of Gainesville to implement initiatives for their Bee City USA® designation.