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Invasive Plants in Florida
Florida is uniquely varied in its climate and growing conditions, allowing a huge variety of plants to thrive. But some of the plants common to our home landscapes are invasive species, many of which are now widespread in Florida’s natural areas.
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Why plant native?

YOU can help stem the tide of global insect decline and create habitat and pathways for birds and other wildlife!

Incorporating regionally appropriate native plants into our home landscapes and other urban areas supports local biodiversity, reduces the need for fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and conserves water resources, all while providing food and shelter for local wildlife. 

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See how Florida’s fabulous wildflowers change seasonably across the state. You’ll find just what you need to be a wildflower tourist, whether you’re on the road or a virtual explorer.

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Slimleaf pawpaw

Slimleaf pawpaw (Asimina angustifolia) is a deciduous flowering shrub found in flatwoods, scrub and sandhills from southeast Georgia into North Florida. It is a larval host for the Zebra swallowtail butterfly and Pawpaw sphinx moth.
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