Seedlings for Schools

School Wildflower Garden Grant Program

Wildflowers and classroom resources for Florida schools are provided through this program. Grants include 12 to 15 native wildflower plants, classroom resources and professional guidance on garden establishment. Grants are awarded in late June; plants are shipped in September in time for the new school year. Teachers who are awarded grants are eligible to receive more wildflowers in the spring if fall gardens are successfully established and cared for.

The 2022 Seedlings for Schools application period will accept applications between March 1-June 15.

Thinking of applying? Click here to watch our March 16 webinar to learn more about submitting an application

Wildflower garden at Sea Park Elementary
Seedlings for Schools planting at Sea Park Elementary


  • Wildflower garden must be planted on property accessible to the public.
  • Public, private and homeschool pre-K through grade 12 teachers may apply.


Designed to help your wildflower gardens — and gardeners — grow
Wild About Wildflowers! activity guide

Our comprehensive activity guide encourages students to learn about Florida’s native wildflowers and their purpose and place in Florida’s unique habitats. These fun, engaging activities will help students achieve a variety of Florida educational standards in math, science and language. When presented from start to finish, the guide gives students a comprehensive introduction to wildflowers, as well as to flowers in general. Activities are correlated to third- and fourth-grade standards but can be adapted to other grade levels. All activities are suitable for informal settings.