Meet board member Marissa Kaprow

Marissa Kaprow joined the Florida Wildflower Foundation board in 2014 and has served as Treasurer since 2016. She is a CPA and Director of Audit and Assurance Services at Saltmarsh, Cleaveland & Gund.

Board members Marissa Kaprow (left) and Sara Burke (right) at FWF’s May 2023 Wine & Wildflowers event.

It’s easy to recognize the contributions of our board members whose experience aligns with our conservation mission. But some, like Marissa, are unsung heroes that work behind the scenes. As treasurer, she ensures that the Foundation is fiscally on track, which is a crucial role in any successful non-profit. Immediate past chair and long-time board member Jeff Caster said that Marissa is the glue that holds us the Foundation together. He shared this about her service:

The success of our Foundation, our not-for-profit business, depends on expert financial management. Fortunately, Marissa, a certified public accountant, serves as our treasurer, donating her time and expertise. This rare privilege of receiving state funds from voluntary contributions of specialty license plate fees comes with responsibility for financial oversight and reporting. A miscalculation or misplaced entry on a spreadsheet can be costly. We could lose the privilege. Marissa’s steady leadership and careful attention to accurate accounting keeps our Foundation strong.

Longtime board member and current secretary Terry Zinn shared this about her:

Marissa has been essential in assisting the Foundation’s leadership with understanding the annual audit process, preparing annual financial filings, budgeting, and setting financial and investment policies. She has helped the board be good stewards of Foundation funds and kept it compliant with state and federal requirements. She has a strong love of nature and native plants, and her yard reflects that love. Despite having a busy and demanding practice, she has always been available to assist Stacey and the board with financial issues. She makes it easy for the board to deal confidently with financial matters.  

Q&A with Marissa

How did you get involved with the Florida Wildflower Foundation?

By chance! My boss is a neighbor of former Executive Director Lisa Roberts and the Foundation was looking for a board member with accounting expertise.

How does your background in economics and accounting help advance the Foundation’s mission to protect, connect and expand native wildflower habitats?

Every good non-profit has to make sure to keep on a fiscally responsible track. If you can’t do a budget and follow it, then you won’t survive long term. We are lucky to have a significant, reliable source of funding in the State Wildflower license plate, but still must be responsible spenders of the money.  I may not be an expert in wildflowers, but I do like them and enjoy working with people who love them and doing my little part to keep the Foundation going.

Carpenter bee on Spotted beebalm.
Photo by Emily Bell

What is your favorite native Florida wildflower?

Spotted beebalm (Monarda punctata). I love the amazing number of pollinators it attracts, and they are such a joy to watch! I try to keep a variety of different native wildflowers so that I get hummingbirds as well. I enjoy taking care of my small wildflower garden. I just wish I didn’t have so much work to do in spring (tax season) at the same time as everything is flowering!