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Our work for native, natural Florida and its creatures, including the bees that feed us, depends on the generosity of our members, donors, volunteers and sponsors, and those who purchase the State Wildflower license plate.

Each time a plate is sold or renewed, $15 is donated to the Foundation. Since 2000, more than $4 million has been raised for wildflower education, planting and research across Florida.

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Our members have raised more than $4 million to spread flowers along roadsides, research their mysteries, and teach people how Florida’s first flowers sustain bees and butterflies. Join them today in supporting native wildflowers and the wildlife depending on them.

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Have the State Wildflower license plate? You’re a member! Use our online form to register your membership, or print an application to mail.

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Regional Alliances

Regional Wildflower Alliances are active networks of wildflower enthusiasts that protect native wildflowers. Through communication, collaboration and information sharing, members support and inspire each other as they create knowledge and awareness of native wildflowers and their value to Florida’s environmental and economic health.