WEBINAR — Native Plants for Florida Gardens

“Native Plants for Florida Gardens” was originally broadcast live on Aug. 5, 2020. It was presented by Stacey Matrazzo, FWF program manager and co-author of Native Plants for Florida GardensView the recording above.

Florida is home to hundreds of native plants that make great additions to residential landscapes. The Florida Wildflower Foundation’s new book, Native Plants for Florida Gardens, takes the guesswork out of using native plants in urban and naturalistic settings. The book features at-a-glance keys that make it easy to determine bloom color, blooming seasons and light and moisture requirements, as well as easy-to-read text that provides details for success, including how to plant, how to care for, and what to expect from 100 species of native wildflowers, vines, grasses, shrubs and trees.

In this webinar, co-author and FWF Program Manager Stacey Matrazzo will highlight a selection of species and discuss how to use them to transform your landscape into a living ecosystem with “real Florida” style.