WEBINAR — Invasive Alternatives

February 28–March 4, 2022 is Invasive Species Awareness Week. 
Learn more at www.nisaw.org/nisaw-2022

Florida’s unique climate and growing conditions allow for a huge variety of exotic plants to thrive. While some are well behaved in the home landscape, many garden favorites are actually invasive species.  These “invaders” pose a threat to our native plants and natural ecosystems. In this presentation, Florida Wildflower Foundation Executive Director Stacey Matrazzo goes over some of the invasive species commonly used in home landscapes, as well as what native plants to use in their place.

Stacey Matrazzo is the executive director for the Florida Wildflower Foundation. She has been with organization for 13 years, having served as a contractor for eight and program manager for five. She is an environmental educator with a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and a master’s degree in liberal studies from Rollins College, where she is also an adjunct professor. A native Floridian, Stacey is a certified Florida master naturalist who spends much of her free time kayaking, hiking, birding and photographing Florida’s amazing natural environments. She has been conducting native plant and edible plant hikes for 10 years and is the co-author of Native Plants for Florida Gardens (with Nancy Bissett; Pineapple Press, 2019).