Emily Bell

Communications Coordinator

Contact: EBell@FlaWildflowers.org

Emily Bell joined the Florida Wildflower Foundation in 2022 as its communications coordinator. Prior to that, she spent four years coordinating invasive species programs within UF IFAS Extension and for the Florida Invasive Species Partnership. She began her conservation career as an intern for The Nature Conservancy, and went on to work for the Florida Department and Environmental Protection and Hawaii Invasive Species Council. She has over a decade of experience with environmental outreach, planning and network building.

Emily was born and raised in the wilds of Florida. From spring hopping on the Suwannee River to chasing swells up and down the East Coast, her formative years were spent outside in play, exploration and reflection, instilling in her a deep passion for the environment and a sense of responsibility to safeguard it for future generations.