Author(s): Terry L. Zinn

Publication Year: September 2008

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Mimosa strigillosa seed will be treated by scoring it with abrasive media. Two small scale scoring devices will be used to process the seed. A tumbler, often used to polish rocks and other materials, and a vibratory cleaner often used to polish materials will be used to treat the seed. Three media types will be tested over four different durations of treatment. The three media will consist of a soft walnut hull media, 80 grit sand blast media, and diatomateous earth. Each media and seed mix will be tumbled or vibrated for four different time periods, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes and 10 minutes. A no treatment baseline replicate will also be planted for comparison. Three hundred seeds will be treated in each batch and then transplanted into three replicate seedling flats of 100 for germination in a greenhouse controlled environment. Statistical comparisons between treatment devices, between treatment media, and between treatment duration within a media type will be evaluated.