Author(s): Kathy C. Malone, Wendy Wilber, Gail Hansen, Jaret C. Daniels, Claudia Larsen, Esen Momol 

Publication Year: September 2010

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Butterfly gardening and watching continue to grow in popularity as more people plant butterfly-attracting plants in their yards. Community ButterflyScaping is a broader concept that embraces Florida-Friendly Landscaping(TM) practices within communities and seeks to connect people with their landscaped and natural surroundings.
Suggested citation: Malone, K. C., Wilber, W. Hansen, G., Daniels, J. C., Larsen, C., & Momol, E. (2010). Community Butterflyscaping: How to Move beyond Butterfly Gardening to Create a Large-Scale Butterfly Habitat. Gainesville: Environmental Horticulture Dept., Florida Coop