Leave a lasting legacy

August is National Make-a-Will Month. While wildflowers and wills may seem to have little in common, they have more similarities than one might think. A planned gift is like a seed that grows into a beautiful flower after the first bloom is gone. Read on to learn more about planned giving and how to create your will.

Have you ever wished you could give more, but it’s simply not in the budget? Planned giving allows donors to give larger, more impactful gifts without sacrificing anything during their lifetimes. Just like wildflowers, planned gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Gifts can come in the form of cash, stocks or just about anything of value*. They can be made in a specific sum, a percentage of an estate, or whatever is leftover after outstanding debts are paid. Gifts can be made in your own name or as a tribute to a loved one. The possibilities are endless. No matter how you choose to give, if you name Florida Wildflower Foundation in your will or trust, you become a member of the William Bartram Legacy Society.

Bartram’s rosegentian (Sabatia decandra)

Take advantage of tax benefits

Some planned gifts can be advantageous for tax purposes. Gifted assets, for example, can benefit a donor’s heirs by reducing estate taxes. Please keep in mind that Florida Wildflower Foundation cannot offer legal advice on this subject. Talk to your lawyer or financial advisor to learn more.

Let your wishes be known

Wildflowers don’t have much control over where their seeds end up; they’re often at the mercy of the wind, rain or animals that disperse them. In contrast, planned giving allows donors to shape their legacies by being part of the conversation of how their gifts will be used. By leaving a gift to the Florida Wildflower Foundation, you can ensure that your legacy will continue to bloom for generations to come.

Are you ready to “plant” your legacy? Contact your lawyer or financial advisor, or visit a website such as www.FreeWill.com to get started.

Have you already included the Florida Wildflower Foundation in your will? Let us know!

*For a copy of our gift acceptance policy, please contact Jenny Ryan at JRyan@FlaWildflowers.org.