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Stacey's home landscape

Webinar: A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Habitat in Your Home Landscape

Our next webinar will be on Wednesday, October 12 at 2pm. Executive Director Stacey Matrazzo will share her journey of transforming her home landscape into a native garden and will highlight some of Florida’s tried-and-true, easy-to-grow native plants. Learn how easy it is to beautify your landscape with natives and transform it into a living ecosystem with “real Florida” style.

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Yellow pitcherplants

Webinar: Florida’s Carnivorous Plants

Florida is home to more native carnivorous plants than any other U.S. state. Kenny Coogan, author of “Florida’s Carnivorous Plants: Understanding, Identifying, and Cultivating the State’s Native Species” teaches us about these natives with their unusual adaptations.

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Sematura luna (Brazilian Swallowtail Moth)

Webinar: Moths – Amazing Insects

Often an afterthought, with more than 150,000 known species worldwide, moths are essential to the natural world. Akito Kawahara, University of Florida professor and Florida Museum of Natural History curator, speaks about local moths of Florida, and more!

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Webinar: Before They Were Native — A Brief History of Florida’s Flora

Over millions of years, Florida’s geology and plant communities have undergone a myriad of changes. Join James Stevenson to learn about the events that lead to the Florida native plants we know today.

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wildflowers planted in pots

Webinar: Create a Pollinator Pot

Kirsten Sharp, co-owner of My Dragonfly Garden, shows you how to create an oasis for pollinators by planting pots with Florida’s native wildflowers.

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Cellophane bee (Colletes sp.) by Mary Keim

Webinar: Florida’s Native Bees – Biology, Identification and Conservation

University of Florida Entomology and Nemotology PhD candidate John Ternest introduces you to some of the most common or notable Florida native bee species in this webinar.

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Webinar: Underutilized Native Wildflowers with Ornamental Potential

Join the Florida Wildflower Foundation on Wednesday, April 20 at 2 pm for our next webinar. University of Florida professor and author Sandra B. Wilson will introduce some native wildflowers with ornamental potential and discuss the challenges and successes of propagation.

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Webinar: Aquatic and Wetland Butterfly Gardening

Aquatic biologist Sean Patton discusses the importance of aquatic habitat and shows participants how they can help create habitat in their own backyards.

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Webinar: Invasive Alternatives

FWF Executive Director Stacey Matrazzo discusses some of the invasive species commonly used in home landscapes and highlights the native plants to use in their place.

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Michael Jenkins with Nolina flower

Webinar: Florida Plant Conservation Program, Jan 26

Biologist Michael Jenkins covers the work being conducted by the FPCP to conserve rare plants, current grant projects, and funding opportunities for conserving federally listed and “At-Risk” plants in Florida.

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Liatris bloom in pine flatwoods

Webinar: Life, Death & Wildflowers at Heartwood Preserve

Heartwood Preserve is an environmental sanctuary where end-of-life decisions are made in harmony with nature. Learn about conservation burial, the history of the land and the importance of fire ecology.

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Nancy Bissett

Webinar: 20 Easy-to-Grow Wildflowers

In this webinar, Nancy Bissett will present easy-to-grow native wildflowers that attract a variety of butterflies and other pollinators essential to Florida’s natural health. Nancy will cover detailed descriptions of each plant, including its flowering, seeding and growing conditions, such as light, moisture and soil needs.

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Jeff Norcini demonstrates how to start a wildflower planting from seed

Webinar: Establishing a wildflower garden from seed

Fall is planting time if you want to establish a wildflower garden from seed. Get ready by joining us at 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 13, for a free webinar on establishing your own native wildflower garden. Dr. Jeff Norcini, our Research and Planting consultant, will go over key points you’ll need to know to tip the scales of success in your favor.

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Webinar: Landscaping in Shady Areas

Here in Florida, shade is a valuable part of our landscapes, but it creates challenges. That’s because plants feed on sunlight and even the most shade-tolerant plants require it to grow and flower. In dense shade, few plants survive for long. Watch this video, where Dr. Craig Huegel introduces you to the complex concept called shade and how to work with it to achieve beautiful results.

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Hairy chaffhead and Smallfruit beggarticks along roadside

Webinar: Save Our Roadsides

In this 90-minute workshop, we will launch the North Florida Wildflower Alliance and show participants how to help conserve roadside wildflowers and set up a wildflower program in their counties. Speakers include butterfly expert Dr. Jaret Daniels, Neil Greishaw of Alachua County’s amazing roadside wildflower program, and Cindy Tramel of the Florida Department of Transportation.
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Nash Turley with orange milkweed flowers

Webinar: Lawn to Wildflowers

Dr. Nash Turley of UCF will introduce his project Lawn to Wildflowers, a community science effort focused on converting lawns to pollinator-friendly wildflower habitat while engaging the public in collecting plant pollinator data.

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Drs. Pam and Doug Soltis

Webinar: Using Evolutionary History as a Tool for Plant Conservation

What will Florida’s ecosystems look and feel like in the future? Using herbarium records, scientists can predict how Florida’s native plants will react to our changing climate. In this free webinar, Drs. Pamela and Douglas Soltis will discuss how an “evolutionary tree” is being built with molecular samples from herbarium collections to predict Florida’s natural future.

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Spiderwort flower

Webinar: Incredible edible natives

Did you know that many of Florida’s native plants are edible? Even some of those pesky “weeds” that pop up in our yards have culinary value. Watch “Incredible Edible Natives,” presented by FWF Program Manager Stacey Matrazzo, to learn about the edible, medicinal and nutritional properties of some native plants commonly found in our yards and landscapes.

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Stetson sandhill

Webinar: Small space, big benefit!

Join us for our next free webinar at 2 p.m. Oct. 13 as we learn about pollinator research in the Volusia Sandhill Ecosystem, a 0.5-hectare urban habitat fragment at the Gillespie Museum, Stetson University, DeLand.

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Fewflower milkweed, Asclepias lanceolata, on Dixie County roadside

Webinar: Learn how to save roadside wildflowers

Originally broadcast live on Sept. 15, this webinar features Liz Sparks and Suzanne Spencer who share tips and insights on how to work with your county and organize volunteers to help save roadside wildflowers.

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Native plant home landscape

Webinar: Native Plants for Florida Gardens

Learn how to take the guesswork out of using native plants in urban settings in our free webinar, “Native Plants for Florida Gardens,” on Aug. 5. featuring Stacey Matrazzo, FWF program manager and co-author of Native Plants for Florida Gardens. In her presentation, Stacey will highlight a selection of species and discuss how to use them to transform your landscape into a living ecosystem with “real Florida” style.

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Cloudless sulphur butterfly on Heart-leaf brickell-bush flower

Webinar: Creating Pollinator Pathways

Learn about creating pollinator pathways in the built environment during a free webinar on July 7 featuring Dr. Jaret Daniels, who will explain how every landscape, large and small, is now critical to supporting the biodiversity that keeps our ecosystems functioning.

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Doug Tallamy

Webinar: A Guide to Restoring the Little Things that Run the World

Join us as we kick of National Wildflower Week with a free webinar with author and researcher Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home. Dr. Tallamy will present “A Guide to Restoring the Little Things that Run the World” at 2 p.m. May 4.

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