Member Spotlight: Suzanne Spencer

Q&A with Suzanne

Why should people care about Florida’s native wildflowers?

Besides providing natural beauty within the various ecosystems throughout Florida, native wildflowers support the pollinators and other native wildlife species that have evolved with and depend on them for their very survival. Other benefits provided by native plants (and their wildflowers) include filtering water, stabilizing soils and purifying the air we breathe.

What is your favorite Florida native wildflower and why?

My favorite wildflower is Tracy’s sundew (Drosera tracyi), which is found in the Florida Panhandle. It blooms in the spring in great abundance along one of our designated wildflower area roads in Santa Rosa County.  The pale purplish-pink flowers standing among the silvery, glistening tendrils of this Sundew when blooming en-masse on an early spring morning is a spectacular sight!

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