WEBINAR — Prune Your Native Plants: How, Why and When It Matters the Most

“Prune Your Native Plants: How, Why and When It Matters the Most” was originally broadcast live on November 15, 2023. View the recording above.

Native plants grow differently than tropical exotics and require a little more understanding of their natural life cycles to keep them happy. In this webinar, Amanda Martin discusses different types of plants and the maintenance needs that are influenced by their life cycles. As we aim to create modern landscapes with native plants, pruning can be essential to the health of the plant. Seasonal changes can inform when to prune, and the mature natural shape of the plant can inform how best to use it in the landscape. Species that are more durable in disturbed soils are discussed.

Founded by Amanda Martin, Grounded Solutions has been designing and installing Florida native landscapes since 2012. Recognizing the difficulty in maintaining native landscapes without an understanding of how the plants would grow, Amanda began including a maintenance plan with all her designs. Over the past 10 years, she has been able to observe native plants as they grow in the wild and in the urban landscape. Join her in navigating the life cycle and pruning schedule of a native landscape.

This webinar generated a lot of questions! Find a summary of some of the most common questions and Amanda’s answers here.

Amanda Martin