WEBINAR — Propagation of Florida Native Wildflowers

“Propagation of Florida Native Wildflowers” was originally broadcast live on May 17, 2023. View the recording above.

In this webinar, Claudia Larsen shares techniques for collecting and propagating Florida wildflower seeds. A grower for more than 30 years, Claudia uses proven horticulture practices and other methods learned through years of personal experience. She guides you through seed identification, collection and cleaning, and discusses planting methods and the best timing for collection and sowing. She also shares tips to help you succeed in raising wildflowers from seed to seedlings, and provides advice on transplanting small plants into the garden.

Propagating wildflowers can be a hobby, family project, school activity or garden club endeavor. Growing your own plants is easy, fun and a great way to increase wildflowers in your home landscapes and community gardens to benefit pollinators and other wildlife. If you’ve always wanted to grow but don’t know how, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

After retiring from the Environmental Horticulture Department as a biologist at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Claudia joined the Florida Wildflower Foundation as a consultant, creating educational materials and administering the Seedlings for Schools grant program that supplies wildflowers for school gardens throughout Florida.

In 2002, Claudia created a small wholesale nursery, “Micanopy Wildflowers,” to supply wildflowers for restoration projects, native plant landscapes and butterfly gardens, and for retail sales at Central Florida nurseries. The wildflowers are grown from locally collected seed that Claudia propagates each fall and sells the following year.

Claudia has grown native Florida wildflowers for 30 years and cannot imagine gardening without them.

Claudia Larsen