WEBINAR — Butterflies of Florida

“Butterflies of Florida” by  Anita Camacho originally aired November 17, 2022. View the recording above.

Butterflies are an important indicator of the health of our environment. Equally as important are the native plants on which they and other wildlife depend for survival. Learn how you can make a difference for butterflies, big or small, by simply providing native plants in your own landscape, balcony or patio garden. Learn how chemical-free gardening simplified by planting native plants the right way can make your thumb green!

Anita Camacho is a life-long Floridian from the Tampa Bay area. She is the owner of Little Red Wagon Native Nursery, and president and founder of Tampa Bay Butterfly Foundation, Inc. and North American Butterfly Association – Tampa Bay Chapter. These entities work together to conserve butterflies, monitor their populations, and restore their habitats, as well as educate the public about the importance of Florida ecosystems. Anita opened Little Red Wagon Native Nursery in South Tampa in April 2020. She is planning to open an immersive butterfly experience with other reptile, amphibian and insect exhibits “as soon as possible.” The nursery is the only native plant nursery currently in Hillsborough County.

Anita participates with multiple universities on studies for advancement of science on the Monarch butterfly. She also leads many butterfly population counts throughout Florida. She offers education, outreach and butterfly talks for numerous groups of all ages to raise awareness of the plight of our environment that starts with native plants and insects.

She is wife and mother of four. Professionally, Anita is a CPA and owner of an accounting firm in South Tampa. Accounting is not her true passion, but it helps pave the way for conservation, restoration, education and research!

Anita Camacho