WEBINAR — Florida’s Carnivorous Plants

“Florida’s Carnivorous Plants: Understanding, identifying and cultivating the state’s native species“ by Kenny Coogan originally aired September 21, 2022. View the recording above.

Florida is home to more native carnivorous plants than any other U.S. state. These plants, including sundews, butterworts, bladderworts, and pitcher plants, use appealing scents, leaves and sticky fluids to attract and imprison insects. In this presentation, Kenny Coogan teaches us about these species with their unusual adaptations, and using his experience running a carnivorous plant nursery, guides us on growing these plants.

Kenny Coogan has a master’s degree in Global Sustainability and is passionate about Florida’s wildlife and plants. His professional experience with carnivorous plants started fifteen years ago when he cofounded the Western New York Carnivorous Plant club. Since then, he has moved to Florida to teach middle school science and agriculture. He was awarded the Best Beginning Science Teacher for the state of Florida. He has published over 400 articles on pets, livestock, and gardening for publications including Countryside, Hobby Farms, Chickens, Backyard Poultry and Florida Gardening magazines.

Coogan is an active member with the International Carnivorous Plant Society. He now runs a successful carnivorous plant nursery in Tampa, Florida. His latest book, Florida’s Carnivorous Plants, is out now! Order through his website with the coupon code BOOKS for free shipping.

Kenny Coogan