WEBINAR — Aquatic and Wetland Butterfly Gardening

Florida’s thousands of aquatic ecosystems are the lifeblood of the state, filtering pollutants and excess nutrients, providing crucial habitat for wildlife, sequestering carbon, and more. Aquatic ecosystems are some of the most underutilized opportunities for pollinator habitat, even though many aquatic plants are hosts for vital pollinator species. When we create ponds or restore aquatic habitat, we often don’t consider the diverse native plants necessary for their health and functioning. In this talk, aquatic biologist Sean Patton will introduce a variety of native aquatic plants, discuss ways in which individuals can participate in creating and restoring habitat in their own backyards, and provide a wide range of resources and tools to help you get started.

Sean Patton is an aquatic biologist and founder of Stocking Savvy, a habitat restoration and environmental consulting business. Having been disillusioned by the traditional, costly, impermanent and ineffective environmental management systems within the private sector, he began researching alternative methods of restoring Florida’s landscapes to their most balanced and natural forms. Now, Sean utilizes naturally occurring biological systems and native plant and wildlife species to restore habitat across the state.