WEBINAR — 20 Easy-to-Grow Wildflowers

“20 Easy-to-Grow Wildflowers” was originally broadcast live on August 24, 2021. View the recording above.

If you’re thinking of adding wildflowers to your landscape, start with easy species. In this webinar, Nancy Bissett presents easy-to-grow native wildflowers that attract a variety of butterflies and other pollinators essential to Florida’s natural health. Nancy will cover detailed descriptions of each plant, including its flowering, seeding and growing conditions, such as light, moisture and soil needs. Spacing, massing, mulching, container size, and even seeding tips are discussed along with watering, fertilizing, pest control, pruning, winter care, wind protection, cautions for similar exotic species and other interesting notes. Some plant species are specific larval hosts for butterflies and others are used for harvesting nectar and pollen. We also show how a plant may be a generalist for many pollinators or specific for some species.

Nancy Bissett is a restoration ecologist, botanist, and horticulturist. Along with her husband Bill, a landscape architect, she owns The Natives, a native nursery and ecological restoration firm in Davenport, FL. She has experimented with the propagation and growth of many native plants, including grasses, wildflowers and rare species. She also developed techniques for restoring many upland communities, such as scrub, sandhill and flatwoods that include planting, direct-seeding native groundcovers, and weed control. As a botanist, she has monitored many sites (always a learning experience); helped federal, state, and local authorities find and evaluate rare plant communities; and has found new rare plant locations, a new scrub mint species, and a new wildflower species called Pineland purple (Carphephorus odoratissimus var. subtropicanus).