WEBINAR — Establishing a Wildflower Garden from Seed

“Establishing a Wildflower Garden from Seed” was originally broadcast live on July 13, 2021. View the recording above.

Fall is planting time if you want to establish a wildflower garden from seed. Dr. Jeff Norcini, our Research and Planting consultant, will go over key points you’ll need to know to tip the scales of success in your favor.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Select the best possible site for your wildflower garden
  • Prepare the site without the use of chemicals
  • Properly sow seeds to achieve optimal success
  • Maintain your planting and discourage pesky weeds
  • Find resources that will help you determine if a seedling is a weed or a wildflower
  • Select species that will make your garden a blooming success!