Grant helps expand Natives for Your Neighborhood tool

The Institute for Regional Conservation’s Natives For Your Neighborhood (NFYN) website is the go-to resource for native plant selection for South Florida landscapes. Now, thanks to a $5,000 Florida Wildflower Foundation grant, the site will expand northward to include information for Central Florida counties.

The project also will increase information sharing between the Foundation’s website and NFYN, including direct links to the Foundation’s resources on wildflowers and the pollinators depending on them.

ZIP code search and more

The tool can be used to compile native plant lists by ZIP code or county. It also makes it easy to search for information on specific plants and wildlife species. For instance, a search for “Monarch” brings up information on the butterfly’s range, habitat, host and nectar plants, mating habits and more.

“We’re excited to support the expansion of the Natives for Your Neighborhood tool,” said Foundation Executive Director Lisa Roberts. “A resource like this is sorely needed for the entire state. It is already a tremendous tool for those landscaping with Florida’s wildflowers and native plants in South Florida.”

The Foundation and the Institute also will increase their collaboration to promote habitat connectivity through gardening with native wildflowers, grasses and plants.

The Foundation is a statewide 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect, protect and expand native wildflower habitat through research, education and planting projects. The grant is provided with funds from the State Wildflower license plate.

Visit the NFYN website now.