WEBINAR — Incredible Edible Natives

“Incredible Edible Natives” was originally broadcast live on Nov. 10, 2020. View the recording above.

Did you know that many of Florida’s native plants are edible? Even some of those pesky “weeds” that pop up in our yards have culinary value. In this webinar, Florida Wildflower Foundation Program Manager Stacey Matrazzo will introduce you to the edible, medicinal and nutritional properties of some native plants commonly found in our yards and landscapes. She might even help change your view on “weeds” to see them as food you didn’t have to plant.

Many cultivated food plants have native wild counterparts. Learn how to identify these plants, what parts are edible, how to prepare and consume them, and how to harvest them safely and responsibly. Discover natives that make excellent teas, jams, salads, sautés, herbs, spices and more. Learn which plants are high in vitamins and which ones have therapeutic properties. Find out about the wildlife that also depend on these plants and learn how to make space for them in your landscape to create a native plant buffet for all!