Hummingbird on Standing cypress, Ipomopsis rubra

Attracting birds with Florida’s native wildflowers

Hummingbird on Standing cypress, Ipomopsis rubra
Hummingbird on Standing cypress by Peg Urban

Hummingbird on Standing cypress (Ipomopsis rubra) by Peg Urban

Want to draw more flitting hummingbirds and vibrant songbirds to your landscape?

It’s simple. Just add wildflowers for:

  • Nectar. Sugary flower nectar is a great source of energy for small birds. High in carbohydrates, it provides plenty of fuel to burn.
  • Seeds. Also rich in energy, wildflower seeds attract pigeons, finches, bobwhites, doves, cardinals and many other bird species.
  • Insects and caterpillars. It takes an incredible amount of rich-in-protein insects to raise a clutch of chicks. According to Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home, 96 percent of all terrestrial birds rear their young on insects.

You can learn which Florida native wildflowers to plant for nectar, seeds and insects in our new “Attracting Birds with Florida’s Native Wildflowers” publication. The brochure was published in cooperation with Audubon Florida with support from the State Wildflower license plate and Florida Power & Light.

Download your copy now, or to request up to 3 printed copies, send a self-addressed stamped No. 10 envelope to Florida Wildflower Foundation, 225 S. Swoope Ave., Suite 110, Maitland, FL 32751.

Attracting Birds brochure cover